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Miralax Colonoscopy Prep

  1. Clear Liquid diet the day before the exam starting at noon. Clear liquids include soup broth, tea, water, juice (no red, green, or purple fluids).
  2. Drink a lot of fluids it will help clean your small bowel.
  3. Purchase the medium size 255gm bottle of Miralax over the counter.
  4. Mix half the powder into a large 20 ounce glass of water and drink that around 7-8pm the night before your exam.
  5. Mix the second half of the Miralax into the second 20 ounce glass of water and drink that the morning of your exam 2 hours before you are scheduled to arrive (around 6am) along with a 10mg tablet of Reglan (prescription will be provided.)
  6. You can continue to drink ONLY water up until your exam.
  7. Staying well hydrated the night before and the morning of the exam will help.
  8. You will receive more instructions when you arrive at the clinic.

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